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Woodbury First Time Home Buyer

Woodbury First Time Home Buyer

  • Up to $25,000 at 3% interest which is paid monthly while the principal is deferred.
  • Maximum purchase price is $275,000.
  • Principal is deferred until sale, payoff of the mortgage or the home is no longer owner-occupied.
  • Income must be under $76,800 for a household of 1-4 people. Contact us below for income limits up to 8 person households.
  • Minimum borrower investment of 5%.
  • Must be first-time buyer.


Woodbury Foreclosure Purchase Program

All information is the same as above with the addition of:

  • Property needs to be in a status of foreclosure, with the Woodbury loan recipient as the first owner-occupant after the foreclosure OR the property could be in foreclosure prior to sheriff’s sale.
  • Don’t need to be a first-time buyer.
  • Income cannot exceed $81,900 for a 1 person household or $90,000 for a 4+ person household

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